HPC Application Support

HPC Application Support

The MPCDF provides consulting and dedicated high-level support for the development, optimization, analysis and visualization of high-performance-computing (HPC) and high-performance data-analytics (HPDA) applications. This comprises the development and optimization of codes in collaboration with Max-Planck scientists, scientific visualization of data from simulations and experiments, and technical consulting, e.g. on programming techniques and models, like for the use  of  hardware accelerators (e.g. GPU).


 For dedicated project support, please contact HPC) or (AI & HPDA)

 Technical documentation (MPCDF hardware and software) can be found at the MPCDF user documentation.

Ongoing projects and long-term collaborations

  • CHIEF (Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Goettingen)
  • DFTB+ (Fritz-Haber Institute of the MPG, Berlin)
  • DIAMOND (Max-Planck Institute for Biology, Tuebingen)
  • ELPA (NOMAD Laboratory and Fritz-Haber Institute of the MPG, Berlin)
  • ESPResSo++ (Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz)
  • FHI-aims (Fritz-Haber Institute of the MPG, Berlin, Max-Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg)
  • GENE, GENEX, GRILLIX, PARALLAX (Max-Planck Institute for Plasmaphysics, Garching)
  • GROMACS (Max-Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences, Goettingen)
  • IDE, TORBEAM, RABBIT (Max-Planck Institute for Plasmaphysics, Garching)
  • JOREK (Max-Planck Institute for Plasmaphysics, Garching)
  • MagIC (Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Goettingen)
  • NECI (Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart)
  • NSCOUETTE (Max-Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Goettingen, U. Bremen)
  • OCTOPUS (Max-Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg)
  • SeLaLib (Max-Planck Institute for Plasmaphysics, Garching)
  • SISSO++ (Fritz-Haber Institute of the MPG, Berlin)
  • TurTLE (Max-Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Goettingen, U.Bayreuth)

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Members of the HPC Application Support Division

  • Dr. Srikanth Chowdadenahalli Sathyanarayana
  • Dr. Tilman Dannert (coordinator HPC training and academic collaborations)
  • Dr. Sebastian Eibl
  • Dr. Petr Karpov
  • Dr. Sebastian Kehl
  • Dr. Cristian Lalescu
  • Dr. Mou Lin
  • Dr. Carlos Lopez
  • Dr. Tobias Melson
  • Dr. Henri Menke
  • Dr. Vedran Miletic
  • Dr. Sebastian Ohlmann
  • Dr. Markus Rampp (leader)
  • Dr. Klaus Reuter (deputy leader)
  • Dr. Florian Merz (Lenovo, associated)
  • Dr. Alexander Poeppl (Intel, associated)
  • Dr. Rafael Lago (Intel, associated)

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Former Members

  • Meisam Farzalipour-Tabriz (Max Planck Institute for Physics)
  • Dr. Soheil Soltani (Industry)
  • Dr. Rafael Lago (Industry)
  • Dr. Ihor Holod (ACH at IPP)
  • Dr. Andreas Marek (head of MPCDF AI & HPDA division)
  • Dr. Timoteo Colnaghi (MPCDF AI & HPDA division)
  • Dr. Michele Compostella (MPCDF systems division)
  • Dr. Cesar Allande Alvarez (Industry)
  • Dr. Luka Stanisic (Industry)
  • Dr. Lorenz Hüdepohl (MPCDF systems division)
  • Dr. Renate Dohmen (MPCDF systems division)
  • Dr. Pavel Kus (University of Prague)
  • Dr. Berenger Bramas (INRIA Nancy)
  • Dr. Werner Nagel (Retired)
  • Elena Erastova (MPCDF systems division)
  • Dr. Fabio Baruffa (Industry)
  • Reinhard Tisma (Retired)



  • Yi Ju (PhD thesis supervised by Prof. E. Laure, MPCDF; co-supervisor: T. Dannert)
    • In-situ processing (ADMIRE project)
  • Diego Jimenez Vargas (PhD thesis supervised by Prof. E. Laure, MPCDF; co-supervisor: T. Dannert)
    • Data reduction and mixed-precision techniques in plasma physics applications (DAREXA-F project)
  • Andreas Laible (Master thesis, TU Munich, co-supervisors: E. Laure, M. Rampp, in collaboration with MPI for Animal Behaviour, Radolfzell)
    • Development of a scalable parametrized bird collective model to be run on a distributed memory system

    Former Students

    • Jeongin Park (internship via MPG-POSTECH exchange program, supervisors: K. Reuter, A. Marek)
      • Machine-learning analysis of HPC performance monitoring data
    • Bat-Amgalan Bat-Erdene (Master thesis, TU Munich, co-supervisors: E. Laure, K. Reuter, in collaboration with MPI for Biology, Tuebingen)
      • GPU parallelization of protein sequence alignment
    • Monika Das (Master thesis, U. Besancon; co-supervisors: C. Lalescu, M. Rampp)
      • Assessment of high-performance 3D FFT libraries, in the context of the CFD code TurTLE (completed in 2023)
    • Carolin Penke (PhD thesis in collaboration with Prof. P. Benner, MPI for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems; co-supervisors: T. Dannert, A. Marek)
      • Numerical solvers for the Bethe-Salpeter Eigenvalue problem (completed in 2021)
    • Matthias Albert (Bachelor thesis in collaboration with Prof. D. Kranzlmueller, LMU; co-supervisor: M. Rampp)
      • Visualizing Big Data in Virtual Reality – Interactive Analysis of Large Scale Turbulence Simulations (completed in 2018)
    • Victor Artigues (Master thesis in collaboration with Prof. O. Lafitte, Universite Paris 13 & Prof. E. Sonnendruecker, IPP; co-supervisors: K. Reuter, M. Rampp)
      • Evaluation of novel, high-level programming frameworks for exascale HPC architectures and their application in numerical plasma physics. (completed in 2018)


    Open Positions

    We are always looking for highly skilled computational scientists or HPC or HPDA application experts with profound knowledge in parallel programming (ideally with modern Fortran, C or C++, together with MPI, OpenMP, and GPU programming models) and/or data analytics. We offer the opportunity to work on state-of-the-art numerical algorithms, leading HPC codes and HPDA applications, latest supercomputer technology and to maintain close collaborations with the code owners and domain scientists from various Max-Planck-Institutes e.g. in astrophysics, fusion research, materials and bio sciences, polymer research, and theoretical chemistry. Applications are welcome and should be directed to .

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    Talks and training material

    See also Training & Education

    Selected publications

    For a complete list see: Publications by MPCDF


    • Optimizing Application Performance with BlueField: Accelerating Large-Message Blocking and Nonblocking Collective Operations. R. Graham, G. Bosilca, Y. Qin, B. Settlemyer, G. Shainer, C. Stunkel, G. Vallee, B. Williams, G. Cisneros-Stoianowski, S. Ohlmann, M. Rampp. ISC High Performance 2024 Research Paper Proceedings (39th International Conference), Hamburg, Germany, 2024, pp. 1-12, doi: 10.23919/ISC.2024.10528935.

    • Efficient All-electron Hybrid Density Functionals for Atomistic Simulations beyond 10,000 Atoms. S. Kokott, F. Merz, Y. Yao, C. Carbogno, M. Rossi, V. Havu, M. Rampp, M. Scheffler. J. Chem. Phys. (accepted, 2024) arXiv:2403.10343

    • Rapid simulation of glycoprotein structures by grafting and steric exclusion of glycan conformer libraries. Tsai, Y.-X.; Chang, N.-E.; Reuter, K.; Chang, H.-T.; Yang, T.-J.; von Bülow, S.; Sehrawat, V.; Zerrouki, N.; Tuffery, M.; Gecht, M. et al.  Cell 187 (5), pp. 1296 - 1311 (2024)
    • Roadmap on Data-Centric Materials Science. S. Bauer et al. (incl. S. Eibl, A. Marek, F. Merz, M. Rampp). submitted to Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng. (2024) arXiv:2402.10932


    • A performance portable implementation of the semi-Lagrangian algorithm in six dimensions. Schild, N.; Räth, M.; Eibl, S.; Hallatschek, K.; Kormann, K. Computer Physics Communications 295, 108973 (2023) arXiv:2303.05994
    • Electron inertia effects in 3D hybrid-kinetic collisionless plasma turbulence. P.atricio A. Muñoz, Neeraj Jain, Meisam Farzalipour Tabriz, Markus Rampp, Jörg Büchner. Phys. Plasmas 30, 092302 (2023). arXiv:2303.01322
    • Electronic Impurity Doping of a 2D Hybrid Lead Iodide Perovskite by Bi and Sn. Haipeng Lu, Gabrielle Koknat, Yi Yao, Ji Hao, Xixi Qin, Chuanxiao Xiao, Ruyi Song, Florian Merz, Markus Rampp, Sebastian Kokott, Christian Carbogno, Tianyang Li, Glenn Teeter, Matthias Scheffler, Joseph J. Berry, David B. Mitzi, Jeffrey L. Blackburn, Volker Blum, and Matthew C. Beard. PRX Energy 2, 023010 (2023)
    • Code modernization strategies for short-range non-bonded molecular dynamics simulations.J. Vance, Z.-H. Xu, N. Tretyakov, T. Stuehn, M. Rampp, S. Eibl, C. Junghans, A. Brinkmann. Comp. Phys. Comm 290, 108760 (2023)
    • Real-time implementation of the high-fidelity NBI code RABBIT into the discharge control system of ASDEX Upgrade. M. Weiland, R. Bilato, B. Sieglin1, F. Felici, L. Giannone, O. Kudlacek, M. Rampp, M. Scheffer, W. Treutterer, T. Zehetbauer, the ASDEX Upgrade Team and the EUROfusion MST Team. Nucl. Fusion 63 066013 (2023)



    • MagIC v5.10: a two-dimensional message-passing interface (MPI) distribution for pseudo-spectral magnetohydrodynamics simulations in spherical geometry. Lago, R. F.; Gastine, T.; Dannert, T.; Rampp, M.; Wicht, J.: Geoscientific Model Development 14 (12) pp. 7477 - 7495 (2021)
    • Toward exascale whole-device modeling of fusion devices: Porting the GENE gyrokinetic microturbulence code to GPU. Germaschewski, K.; Allen, B.; Dannert, T; Hrywniak, M.; Donaghy, J.; Merlo, G.; Ethier, S.; D'Azevedo, E.; Jenko, F.; Bhattacharjee, A. Physics of Plasmas 28, 062501 (2021)
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    • Convolutional neural network-assisted recognition of nanoscale L12 ordered structures in face-centred cubic alloys. Li, Y.; Zhou, X.; Colnaghi, T.; Wei, Y.; Marek, A.; Li, H.; Bauer, S.; Rampp, M.; Stephenson, L. T. npj Computational Materials vol 7 article 8 (2021)


    • FaVAD: A software workflow for characterization and visualizing of defects in crystalline structures. von Toussaint, U.; Domínguez-Gutiérrez, F.J.; Compostella, M.; Rampp, M.: Computer Physics Communications 262, 107816 (2020)
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    2011 and earlier


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