New Users - Computing at MPCDF

  • New users can apply for an account by filling in the application online form.

  • After the account has been created, the user can login to the gateway machine

  • From the gateway machines, users can access any of the login nodes of the compute clusters for which they are authorized. Specific authorization requests have to be declared in the account application form.

  • MPCDF users can view and customize their personal settings (password, mail configuration, etc. ) in section Userspace /MyMPCDF.

  • This webserver of the MPCDF uses a server certificate based on the root certificate of the Deutsche Telecom Root CA2. This root certificate is integrated in many operating systems and browsers. It may also be downloaded from here.

    Fingerprint of Root-CA "Deutsche Telekom Root CA2"
    SHA1:<85a408c0 9c193e5d 51587dcd d61330fd 8cde37bf>


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