Overview of MPCDF service categories

A brief overview of the main service categories offered by MPCDF. Details can be explored via the navigation box.

High-Performance Computing and Data Storage

High-performance computing (HPC), storage and archival resources for the Max Planck Society, including central supercomputers, a flexible and powerful HPC cloud, and dedicated compute clusters and storage systems for many Max Planck Institutes.


A carefree hosting package for scientific departments of the Max Planck Society, including large compute clusters, multi-petabyte storage systems, a set of highly available virtual machines and also the integration of external data flows like data acquisition at high resolution microscopes or other scientific instruments.

Data services

Development and deployment of data management solutions for big data projects in close collaboration with Max-Planck scientists,

Application Support (HPC, AI, Visualization)

Dedicated high-level support and consulting for the development, optimization, analysis and visualization of high-performance-computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance data-analytics (HPDA) applications in close collaboration with Max-Planck scientists..

Training & Education

Training and educational events related to MPCDF services for the Max Planck Society and its partners.

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