Terms of Use

Terms of Use for Guest Users

May 25, 2018
External collaborators invited to MPCDF services such as cloud storage or wikis are subject to these terms.


1.1. Use of MPCDF resources

Any user willing to use MPCDF computing resources must have read and approved the current document beforehand.

1.2. Document objectives

The current document describes the terms of use of MPCDF shared resources. It lays down the rules that essentially pertain to common sense, and whose purpose is to ensure to all users a high level of quality of resource usage, given the constraints set by the MPCDF infrastructure.

1.3. Definitions

1.3.1. Resource description

The shared resources made available to users for research purposes are software, servers, storage media network and services, which are part of the MPCDF infrastructure.

1.3.2. Field of application

The current document applies to all shared MPCDF resources for guest-users.




2.1 Duties

Users must adhere to all general MPCDF policies and procedures described below including, but not limited to, policies on proper use of information resources and computing and networking facilities, legal use of software, and legal use of administrative data.
In case of problems, users can request administrators’ assistance to ensure their rights protection.
Users should report any information concerning instances in which the MPCDF Terms of use policy has been or is being violated.

2.2. Access conditions

Each user is granted a userid and an associated password. This information provides an access right, which can potentially be restricted, to MPCDF resources, for a limited period. The range of resources, which can be accessed by the user can be limited based on the user needs and the constraints imposed by the sharing of MPCDF resources with other users.
This access right to MPCDF resources, as well as the means to use it, is personal, non-transferable, and temporary.
Each user is accountable for the resource usage made from his account. To fulfil these responsibilities, some precaution measures should be taken, among which users

  • Choose their passwords wisely and change them periodically; for example, a password convention based on eight characters including two numbers and a special character should be adopted;
  • Safeguard their personal information, passwords and authorization codes, and confidential data;
  • Take full advantage of file security mechanisms built into the computing systems;
  • Follow the security policies and procedures, laws established to control access to and use of data.

2.3. Confidentiality

User files are personal, even if they are physically accessible. Consequently, users should:

  • Respect the privacy of other users; for example, not to intentionally seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, tapes, or passwords belonging to other users or MPCDF;
  • Not disclose sensitive data to which they have access without explicit authorization to do so.



The use of MPCDF resources by a large numbers of users with different needs requires compliance to some rules. Thus, and in addition to the above, users should:

  • Respect the intended usage of resources; for example, to use only the account name and password, funds, transactions, data, and processes assigned by service providers, unit heads, or project directors for the purposes specified, and not to access or use other account names and passwords, funds, transactions, data, or processes unless explicitly authorized to do so by the appropriate authority;
  • Respect the integrity of the computing and networking facilities; for example, not to intentionally develop or use programs, transactions, data, or processes that harass other users or infiltrate the system or damage or alter the software or data components of a system. Alterations to any system or network software or data component are to be made only under specific instructions from authorized academic staff, unit heads, project directors, or management staff;



MPCDF computing resources are made available for research purposes. There can be some usage restrictions based on country/state laws.

4.1. Use of academic/research resources

MPCDF resources should not be used for personal business; for example, computing and network facilities may be used neither in connection with compensated outside work nor for the benefit of organizations not related to MPCDF. It is thus inappropriate to use MPCDF resources for:

  • Commercial gain or placing a third party in a position of commercial advantage;
  • Any non-MPCDF related activity, including non-MPCDF related communications;

4.2. Software protection

Users must respect the legal protection provided by copyright and licensing of programs and data; for example, not to make copies of a licensed computer program to avoid paying additional license fees or to share with other users.

4.3 Data Uploads

Guest users uploading data to the MPCDF storage cloud on behalf of a regular MPCDF user thereby transfer the rights to edit or delete the uploaded data to the respective MPCDF user. The MPCDF user assumes responsibility for the data in turn.



Any user who abuses the privilege of their access to MPCDF resources in violation of this policy will be subject to corrective action, including possible termination of access, legal action, and criminal liability.

Acknowledgment: These terms of use closely follow the ones developed by the EUDAT project for the regulation of its services.

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