Training courses at MPCDF

Introduction to MPCDF Services

How to start with the MPCDF systems and services
This introductory course helps new users with the first steps on the MPCDF systems. It covers login, file systems, HPC systems, SLURM, and the MPCDF services remote visualization, Jupyter notebooks and datashare. Basic knowledge of Linux is required. [more]

Python for HPC Workshop

Python for HPC
This workshop introduces the use of Python for High Performance Computing. Main topics are HPC packages like numpy, scipy etc., writing parallel code with Python, speeding up Python code with Cython or interfaces to compiled languages. Building Python packages and documentation as well as a good coding style are further topics of this three-day workshop. [more]

Advanced HPC Workshop for MPG and NOMAD

How to optimize your HPC code?
This workshop helps HPC developers to better manage, debug and profile their code. One day is dedicated to GPU programming. [more]
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