User Committee of MPCDF

Chairman: Dr. Christian Stern, MPI for Quantum Optics, Garching Secretary: Friederike Neu, MPCDF, Garching
Fritz Haber Institute of the MPG Dr. Albrecht Preusser Berlin
MPI for the Physics of Complex Systems Dr. Stefan Skupin Dresden
MPI for Astrophysics Dr. habil. Ewald Müller Garching
MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics Achim Bohnet Garching
MPI for Plasma Physics Dr. Andreas Bergmann Garching
MPI for Plasma Physics Dr. Michele Martone Garching
MPI of Quantum Optics Dr. Christian Stern Garching
MPI for Gravitational Physics
(Albert Einstein Institute)
Christa Hausmann-Jamin Golm
MPI for Plasma Physics (Greifswald) Dr. Michael Drevlak
MPI for Polymer Research Dipl. Phys. Harald Bopp Mainz
MPI for Polymer Research Dr. Torsten Stuehn Mainz
MPI of Biochemistry/RZ Günther Franz Martinsried
MPI for Neurobiology Antje Schüle Martinsried
MPI for Physics Dr. Stefan Kluth München
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