A European data infrastructure project.

In recent years, significant investments have been made by the European Commission and the European member states to create a pan-European e-infrastructure supporting multiple research communities. As a result, a European e-infrastructure ecosystem has been established with communication networks, distributed computing and HPC facilities providing European researchers from all fields with state-of-the-art instruments and services that support the deployment of new research facilities on a pan-European level.

The accelerated proliferation of data from powerful new scientific instruments, simulations and the digitization of library resources has created a new impetus for increasing efforts and investments in order to tackle the specific challenges of data management and stewardship, and to ensure a coherent approach to research data access and preservation.

EUDAT is addressing these challenges by exploiting new technologies, integrating and building data-oriented services following the vision of a pan-European Collaborative Data Infrastructure.

MPCDF participates in the requirements analysis, service development and service enabling, and it is coordinating the operation of the EUDAT infrastructure with distributed services such B2DROP [sync&exchange], B2SHARE [publish&share], B2SAFE (steward&archive), B2FIND [harvest&search] and B2Stage (transfer).

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