Bits & Bytes  No. 215, April 2024

April 18, 2024

A new issue of the MPCDF computer bulletin Bits&Bytes was released. Read about high-performance computing, including software news about the AlphaFold2 deployment at MPCDF, new Intel compilers and CUDA toolchains, and a new release of the eigensolver library ELPA, using Kubernetes in the MPCDF HPC cloud, tips for rendering graphs in gitlab, activities around large language models, and upcoming events.

The  April issue (No. 215) of the MPCDF computer bulletin Bits&Bytes has been published with the following topics:

  • High-performance computing

    • Licensed software in Slurm (Comsol)

  • HPC Software News

    • Improved workflow for multimer predictions with AlphaFold2 on Raven
    • New version of Intel oneAPI with deprecation of ifort compiler
    • CUDA modules on Raven
    • New AMD-GPU ELPA release
  • Kubernetes in the HPC-Cloud

  • GitLab: Graphs & Diagrams

  • LLMs meet MPCDF

  • News & Events

    • Introduction to MPCDF services

    • Meet MPCDF

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