A selection of ongoing and completed visualization projects supported by the MPCDF

IAEA Crowdsourcing Challenge for Materials for Fusion Technology (Winning Team)

Visualization of Turbulence in Direct Numerical Simulations of Fluids

Visualization of near-field effects in Quantum Nanoplasmonic Dimers

Reaction of CO2 molecule with CaO (001) surface

Evolution of electron localization functions during molecular scattering

Neutrino-driven core collapse supernova (Type-II) explosion in 3D

Direct numerical simulations of (decaying) turbulence in Keplerian flow at Re=200.000

Neutrino-driven core collapse supernova (Type-II) dynamics in 3D

Visualization of bird migration


Core collapse supernova (Type-II) explosion dynamics in 3D


Visualization of Tracer Particles in Turbulent Magnetohydrodynamic Convection


Visualization and Quantitative Analysis of Point Data from Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Simulations


Mixing Instabilities in Type-II Supernova Explosions


Merger of a white dwarf binary system


Merging Neutron Stars


Impact of Type Ia Supernovae on Binary Companions


MHD Turbulence Simulations


Core collapse supernova (Type-II) explosion


Turbulence in Fusion Plasmas


Thermonuclear Supernova (Type-Ia) explosion


The "Millenium simulation" (formation and evolution of structure in the universe)

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