Videoconferences are now based on DFNConf, a service offered by DFN


What is DFN Conf?

DFN Conf replaces the outdated DFN VC System (Codian MCU's).

DFN Conf provides Video, Audio and Webconferencing capabilities.

How to use DFN Conf?

1. Send an e-mail to to request your account (username/password)

2. Log on to to create your own virtual conferencing room

3. Use either Google Chrome or Pexip Infinity Connect Client to connect to your “meeting room”

4. Invite “Guests” to join your meeting


What is the recommended Hardware to use DFN Conf?

- Any HD-capable webcam is sufficient (i.e. Microsoft LifeCam Studio or Logitech C9XX series).

- For best audio Performance (especially echo cancellation) use either a headset (i.e. Sennheiser PC8) or a Speakerphone (i.e. Jabra Speak 410)


Where do I find further information?

What about the "old" videoconfefrencing clients used at IPP?

Polycom PVX -> outdated, should NOT be used anymore

Lifesize Softphone (formerly known as Mirial Softphone) -> existing licenses can still be used , but Software may not support Operating System and Hardware anymore

Polycom Realpresence -> existing licenses can still be used

Cisco Jabber Video -> existing accounts can still be used, new accounts should not be requested (will no longer be supported in near future)

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