Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP)

What is the recommended video conferencing software client?

The recommended software client is Polycom® RealPresence® Desktop. This software client runs on MAC and Windows computers, it costs approx. 70 €. A trial version could be downloaded here.

What is the recommended hardware for computer based video conferencing?

We recommend the WebCam Logitech C920 (~ 80 €) and, to assure echo free audio without headset, the Jabra Speak 410 USB (USB microphone & speaker combination device, ~ 80 €).

What is an E.164 number ?

An E.164 Number is a Number following the Global Dialing Scheme. The numbers resemble phone numbers and are hirarchically organized by world gatekeepers, country gatekeepers and local gatekeeper zones. Example the number 0049 893299 6005 routes the call via the German country gatekeeper 0049 to RZG's local zone 893299 and the extension (namely one of the vc groups hardware systems) 6005.

How do I get an E.164 number?

Please contact the videoconferencing group by e-mail and submit the following information:

  • your institute's name
  • your name, phone number and e-mail address
  • the type of your VC-system and its IP address

You will be contacted and provided with your E.164 number, your H.323 Alias name, the IP address of RZG's gatekeeper and some hints for your firewall setup.

Alternatively, if from Germany, you could register with GWDG or the DFNVC.

If you are not working for a German institute please look up your national H.323 provider in the following link:

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