General Services at MPCDF

  • GIT Service

      Revision control service hosted by the MPCDF

  • PRACE services

      for PRACE users, projects and communities directly supported by the MPCDF

  • Printing services

      How to use the printing services offered by the MPCDF. Includes a how-to for poster printing.

  • Phone system

      Manuals, HowTo's and general information about the phone system at the IPP campus

This webserver of the MPCDF (RZG) uses a server certificate based on the root certificate of the Deutsche Telecom Root CA2.

Fingerprint of Root-CA "Deutsche Telekom Root CA2"
SHA1:<85a408c0 9c193e5d 51587dcd d61330fd 8cde37bf>

The root certificate can be downloaded also from here.

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