Setting up Datashare

In order to set up your Datashare environment you need to enable the service at the subscriptions management site.

This section assumes that you have done so.

In the Subscribe section we explain how you can do this.

You can find the datashare service under

By default you can synchronise 20GB worth of files. Should you require more space please contact the Datashare team on

Setting up Datashare for yourself

Under you have direct access to your datashare environment.

Log in using your RZG or Guest account and you are directly in your Owncloud environment.

You can access the Owncloud manual via the menu on the top left or by clicking here.

For ease of use you most likely want to set up Desktop Synchronisation.

In order to enable this you need to download and install the Owncloud desktop software from

You may need to ask your system administrator to install it for you.

If you run the Owncloud software for the first time it will ask you for the Server Address. Please use the following URL:

After that you need to fill in your MPCDF or Guest username and password and tell the software which Local Folder to synchronise with the Datashare service.

Sharing files and directories

Sharing files is only accessible from the web interface (i.e.

There are two ways to share files, both are accessed using the same mechanism: the share button.

If you hover the mouse pointer over a directory or file this button appears, and it looks like this:

If you click on this button you get the following menu:

In this menu you have two choices: inviting specific users (with the textfield) or "share link".

If you invite a specific colleague you can give them specific rights, i.e. you can determine whether they are allowed to 1) edit the file, and 2) share the file further. This option is ideal for collaboration with your colleagues.

To invite a colleague simply start typing his or her name into the textfield, it will try to autocomplete.

If your MPCDF colleague does not show up in the autocomplete list he or she must enable their datashare service using MPCDF subscription service first. Please have them follow the instructions as explained in the Subscribe section.

If you want to work together with a colleague from outside of MPCDF you need to invite them to the Datashare service first.

Once this colleague has accepted to use the Datashare service his or her name will show up in the autocomplete field.

The procedure for inviting an external colleague is explained under ``inviting external users'' in the Subscribe section.

If you use the share link option, you can choose to password protect the link and to have the link expire automatically after a certain time.

This option is great for quickly sharing (not collaborating on) a file or directory with a group of colleagues.

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