Frequently asked questions about the MPCDF DataShare service.

Can you increase my quota?

Generally yes. Just open a ticket in our helpdesk shortly stating how much storage you need and what you intend to use it for.

Please note though that the DataShare service is not intended as a replacement for network shares or AFS, but rather for data you want to share with other people. You should store a few thousand files in it at most, beyond that you will experience performance issues during sync.

I deleted a file by mistake, what now?

Deleted files are kept in the ownCloud trashbin - from where you can restore them yourself - for up to 180 days. However, once the trashbin takes up more than 50% of your quota, old files will be deleted earlier to make sure there is enough space available for new data.

Your data is also backed up to tape daily. So even if a file was deleted from the trashbin it may be possible to recover it if it was stored in the DataShare for at least a day. In this case, you may open a ticket in our helpdesk, but please be aware since this takes manual invervention it may take a few days for your request to be processed.

I can't upload big files

The maximum size of files that can be uploaded through the web interface or thirdparty WebDAV clients is 20 GB. Some clients may only support 2GB or less. Bigger files must be chunked into smaller parts on upload.

The ownCloud desktop clients support this by default and include an owncloudcmd interface for starting a sync from the command line.

For transferring individual big files by hand or in a script, there is a Python client pyocclient available.

I can't open zip files downloaded through the web interface

In the web interface, you can select multiple files or directories at once and then download them as a ZIP archive. Some older ZIP programs can't open these files. Note that this only applies to ZIP files generated on the fly by selecting multiple objects in the web interface, not objects that were already uploaded in ZIP format.

To work around this problem, either download each file separately or install a third-party unzip program such as 7 Zip (Windows, Linux) or The Unarchiver (Mac OS X).

I am an external user and can't upload files

External accounts (you log in with you e-mail address) are meant for collaboration with MPCDF users only. As such, they dont't have any quota of their own. Ask the person who invited you to share a folder with you and give you write permissions on it. You will then be able to upload data there which will be counted towards the quota of the inviter.

I get an error when trying to sync a folder in afs

Syncing folders with AFS is currently not supported and will most likely not work.

Accessing shared folders via webdav / CURL

Although it is not documented upstream and may change with future releases, you or your collaborators can upload files to a public link share via WebDAV using the address


Where the user is the share token and password the share password (see screenshot).

Using this you can upload data with curl like so:

> curl --user <token>:<password> https://datashare.mpcdf.mpg.de/public.php/webdav/ --upload-file </path/to/your/file>

Of coure, you can also use theWebDAV client of you choice.


How can I reset my password?

If you are external to Max Planck and have been invited to use the MPCDF DataShare service, please contact your invitor if you need to get a password reset. The invitor needs to execute the password reset in their user account via https://subscriptions.rzg.mpg.de/manage/my_services.

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