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Information about the MPCDF DataShare (formerly RZG DataShare) service.

Before you can use the Sync&Share service, you have to opt-in for it at the MPCDF subscription service (formerly known as "roaster"):

Later you will have the possibility to subscribe for more services, at the moment only DataShare is available at this service.

After you have opted in, you can log in to DataShare:

Once logged in, on the right under your name you will find an entry "Personal" where you can download desktop- and mobile clients. You can use these clients to synchronize a folder on your local machine with the DataShare service. In the web interface, you can also upload files manually via drag & drop. Please note that we have deactivated some of the common applications which usually come along with the OwnCloud software: for example, the calendar is not available. This is because the DataShare service focuses only on sharing and synchronization of files. If some common and important functionality is missing, don't hesitate to contact us.

When you log in, you will find already a file in your DataShare account: the file ownCloudUserManual.pdf is the original OwnCloud documentation where you can find information about any detail of the software. Alternatively, you can access the documentation online. Please note that the generic ownCloud documentation also describes some features like the calendar and address book that are currently not available for the DataShare service.

At any time, you can share files with other DataShare users. If you want to share data with external, non-MPCDF users via DataShare, you can invite them via email also from the subscription service where you have opted in for DataShare. If you want to share a file only once with an external user, there is always the possibility to share a file or folder in DataShare just via a link.

External users will see the message "Your storage is full, files can not be updated or synced anymore" in their ownCloud. This is because they have no quota. However, they will still be able to upload files into directories you shared with them (with write permission). In this case, the data will count towards your quota.

Any feedback, ideas, critics etc. would be much appreciated - either in person or via E-Mail to

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