Data Transfer

Data transfer to and from MPCDF is core use-case were we offer a range of solutions depending on the exact nature of the data transfer task.

To support data transfer in general, several tools and services are provided by MPCDF. A general overview of data transfer tools at MPCDF and tip on their usage can be found here.

The services are probably best broken down by the use-case (and data size) but some overlap exists, meaning some services can be used to cover the same use-case as others.

The tools and tips page gives more information about how to use these services and the use-cases. Here we'll list the services with a brief description of the use-case. Please follow the links to each service to find more info.

  1. DataShare - dropbox like service for sharing data with colleagues and external collaborators (anonymous functionality available). DataShare is a very nice and intuitive service which allows users to share files and datasets into the GB range.
  2. DataHub - Globus Online based service for reliable large scale data transfers (ranging into the 10s of TBs). Globus online provides a web portal where users can schedule data transfers between different endpoints (or user-clients), it's fast, reliable and very solid.
  3. Anonymous FTP - An anonymous FTP server exists for sharing data with external collaborators. The server is mainly seen as a legacy service and future use-cases should aim to use the DataShare service if possible.

The above descriptions provide basic information on the services supported, for more info about these and for other tools please see the Tools and Tips page.

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