What is Taco?

Taco (short for „Tags & Components“) is a metadata system which allows to assign metadata directly to the folders of a file system. Such a directory structure represents meta information about the data it contains, but because this information is not bound to concrete datastreams of bits, it is often not included into traditional metadata formats which are used to describe data stored in files.

Why Taco?

The Taco System does not prohibit the use of common metadata formats like CMDI for describing individual file(s) – optionally, these file-based metadata formats can be included into the Taco system. In addition, Taco allows the user to explicitly define metadata represented in form of folders and nested subfolders.

What are Tags and Components?

Tags are community-specific, predefined attribute-value pairs of a specific data type, while a component is a collection of tags, contextually affiliated with each other. Such a component can then be assigned to a folder, describing the content of the folder as a whole.


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