Tags & Components

A Metadata System for Hierarchical Structured Data Collections


Taco (short for „Tags & Components“) is a metadata system which allows to assign metadata directly to the folders of a file system. Taco consists of several independent parts:

  • TacoEdit - a graphical desktop application. It runs on the users local machine and allows the user to add and edit metadata to his research data
  • TacoHarvest - software for the system administrator. Contains functions for harvesting the user's metadata, convert it to a database etc.
  • TacoBrowse - a web application for displaying and exploring the metadata. Hosted at MPCDF as service for Max Planck institutes

In this section, you can find more information about the Taco system, the download area (source code and binary distributions as well as the TACO manual) and frequently asked questions (FAQ). For further information, please contact taco@rzg.mpg.de.

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