To access the software described below please use the module command (module avail, module load).



  • Compiler options: Compilers usually have some debugging features which allow e.g. to check violations of array boundaries. Please consult the compiler's manual pages and documentation for details. Consider also the hints given here.
  • Forcheck is a tool for the static analysis of Fortran programs.
  • gdb, the GNU debugger.
  • DDT is a tool by Allinea for debugging parallel applications.
  • Intel Inspector allows the debugging of threaded applications.
  • Marmot is a tool for debugging MPI communication.



  • perflib is a library developed at the RZG which provides a simple API for performing time measurements of code regions.
  • Intel VTune/Amplifier is a powerful tool for analyzing the single core performance of a code.
  • gprof, the GNU profiler.
  • Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector is a tool for profiling MPI communication.
  • Scalasca enables the analysis of MPI/OpenMP/hybrid codes.

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