Software on hydra


Access to software

Environment modules are used at MPCDF to provide software packages and enable switching between different software versions.

Use the command

module avail

to list all available software on the HPC cluster HYDRA. Further information on environment modules is given here.


Default software on HYDRA

The following environment modules are loaded by default at login:

  • intel :    Intel Fortran (ifort) and C/C++ (icc/icpc) compilers
  • mkl :      Intel Math Kernel Library
  • : IBM MPI (provides the wrappers mpiifort, mpiicc, mpicpc)


Further information on the software available at MPCDF

  • A detailed list of all software available at MPCDF is given here.
  • New installations, updates, and changes to existing software packages are documented continuously at the software news page.

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