Configuration of the HPC system HYDRA

The current system configuration of the MPG supercomputer HYDRA includes the Intel Sandy Bridge part of the first installation phase and the Intel Ivy Bridge part of the main system:

Sandy Bridge part of HYDRA: -- decommissioned in Sep. 2017 --

  • 628 compute nodes (node topology)
  • Processor type: Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge-EP (Xeon E5-2670)
  • Processor clock: 2.6 GHz
  • Peak performance per core: 20.8 GFlop/s
  • Cores per node: 16 (each with 2 hyperthreads, thus 32 logical CPUs per node)
  • Main memory: 608 x 64 GB, 20 x 128 GB

Ivy Bridge part of HYDRA:

  • 3690 compute nodes (node topology)
  • -- 628 nodes taken out of operation in Nov. 2017 --
  • Processor type: Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge-EP (Xeon E5-2680v2)
  • Processor clock: 2.8 GHz
  • Peak performance per core: 22.4 GFlop/s
  • Cores per node: 20 (each with 2 hyperthreads, thus 40 logical CPUs per node)
  • Main memory: 3490 x 64 GB, 200 x 128 GB
  • Accelerator part of the Ivy Bridge nodes:
    • 338 nodes, each hosting 2 NVIDIA K20X GPGPUs
    • 12 nodes, each hosting 2 Intel Xeon Phi cards

Login nodes of HYDRA:

  • 2 nodes for login (Hostname
  • 6 nodes for interactive program development and testing
  • Main memory: 8 x 192 GB


  • fast InfiniBand FDR14 (4 x 14 Gb/s) network connecting all the nodes

I/O Subsystem:

  • 26 I/O nodes
  • 5 PB of online disk space

The compute nodes are bundled into 5 domains, three domains (including the old Sandy Bridge processor domain) with 628 nodes each, one big domain with more than 1800 nodes, and one domain consisting of the 350 nodes with accelerator cards and 260 normal Ivy Bride nodes.
Within one domain, the InfiniBand network topology is a 'fat tree' topology for high efficient communication. The InfiniBand connection between the domains is much weaker, so batch jobs are restricted to a single domain.

Batch access is possible via the Loadleveler batch system from the login nodes For the actual batch class information use the command 'llclass'.

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