The MPG Supercomputer COBRA

Basic information

About the system
Node architecture, communication network, peak performance.

Using the System

Login and access to resources.
System configuration of the cluster.
File systems
Where to place your files. About AFS, the /tmp, and GPFS filesystems. About data handling, backup and migration.
Available software packages, modules.
Batch System
How to submit a batch job. With sample scripts.
Getting started on Cobra
Hints for the migration and the porting of codes.



Available compilers (Fortran, C, C++).
Parallel Programming
Getting started with MPI and OpenMP. Running programs under Intel MPI and OpenMP.
Which libraries (e.g. numerical, I/O) are available?
Scientific applications
A list of popular scientific application packages (e.g. GROMACS) installed on the system.
Programming Tools
Information on debugging and profiling.

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