The Computing Services of MPCDF

    The MPCDF provides facilities for high-performance computing (HPC), capacity computing (Linux clusters) and remote visualization and supports general-purpose and dedicated systems. A list of the miscellaneous computing systems can be found below, a detailed description can be obtained following the links.

    The operating systems at the MPCDF are of the UNIX-type. Users login to one of the gateway machines via ssh. From the gateway machines the login nodes of all compute facilities can be accessed.

    Available software can be found here.

    Personal settings (e.g. passwords) can be customized in section userspace/mympcdf (login required).

    General support requests can be addressed to the  helpdesk.

    Frequently Asked Questions are answered as part of the MPCDF technical documentation.

    Dedicated, high-level application support, e.g. for HPC code development and optimization, and machine-learning projects is offered to all Max-Planck researchers and their collaboration partners.


    The compute facilities of the MPCDF


  • Gateway Systems

  • High-Performance Computing

    • MPG Supercomputer raven (since September 2020)
      HPC system on basis of Intel processors: Interim system with 516 Intel CascadeLake AP processors (with 96 cores per node), final system (in 2021) with Intel IceLake processors and Nvidia GPUs (A100)

  • Linux Compute Clusters

  • Interactive Data Analysis and Visualization

    • Jupyter notebooks, Remote visualization, Remote desktops enable convenient web-based access to the HPC systems and selected Linux Compute Clusters

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