NTP Time Server

The MPCDF maintains a ntp time server that can be used by servers and computers based at the Max Planck Campus Garching.

The MPCDF ntp time server should not be configured on laptops that are used outside the Garching campus.





Round-Robin: time.rzg.mpg.de


      restrict default ignore
      restrict mask
      server            # local clock (LCL)
      fudge  stratum 10 # LCL is unsynchronized
      restrict mask
      # NTP-Servers at Garching
      restrict time1.rzg.mpg.de mask
      restrict time2.rzg.mpg.de mask
      restrict time3.rzg.mpg.de mask
      server time1.rzg.mpg.de
      server time2.rzg.mpg.de
      server time3.rzg.mpg.de

To activate this configuration, restart your ntp-client.

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