The Email Server

The MPCDF maintains an email server that can be used by MPCDF, IPP and MPQ users. Users have an email address in the following format: or or

Configuration of an Email Client

The MPCDF runs a central email server that handles all incoming and outgoing email.

Email is sent and delivered using a client/server architecture. Please configure as your SMTP and IMAP server. The SMTP protocol sends emails, while the IMAP protocol allows the receipt of emails.

Only encrypted communication, using the SSL/TLS protocols, is supported. Therefore you must use the following ports:

  • SMTP port 465

  • IMAP port 993

The email server uses a certificate based on the root certificate of the Deutsche Telecom Root CA2. This root certificate is integrated in many operating systems and email clients. If this is not the case, the certificate can be downloaded from here.

More information on setting up and configuring an email client can be found here.

Using Webmail

If you cannot use your own email client, you may use Horde

Please enter your userID as "Username".

Important Information about configuration steps which are necessary

Spam and Malware

Each email arriving from the outside is examined automatically by two different virus scanner programs. If a virus or other malware is found, the email is quarantined and a note is sent to the intended recipient instead.

Out of Office Replies

The out of office vacation function can be activated on the userspace. The email server will automatically reply to incoming messages to inform the sender that you are away from the office.

The mechanism keeps track to whom it already sent an out of office message. Out of office replies are only sent once per week per sender. Out of office replies are not sent to (correctly configured) mailing lists.

In addition (or instead) you can forward all incoming emails to another person, or only mails from certain senders or only mails with a specified keyword in the subject.

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