Services at the Max Planck computing and Data Facility

The MPCDF provides high-level support for the development, optimization and visualization of parallel applications to MPIs with high-end computing needs in fusion research, materials sciences, theoretical chemistry, polymer research, astrophysics, and an increasing variety of other areas (as documented by the large number of applicants requesting the new HPC system for the Max Planck Society). The codes supported by the MPCDF usually cover several tiers of the IT supply pyramid of the MPS, ranging from mid-range systems at the institute level up to national and European supercomputers, for a number of scientifically outstanding applications.

The MPCDF operates the central high-performance computer of the MPS and hosts numerous mid-range Linux clusters, currently for 15 different institutes. The availability of an advanced infrastructure including ground-water cooling, the possibility for compute-resource sharing among different institutes, and offers for cost-efficient hosting and housing models at the MPCDF make central installations an attractive alternative to local installations. The IPP, as the second shareholder of the MPCDF receives additional support in the form of various general IT services (network, video conferencing, email, workstation support etc.) as well as for the development of data acquisition software for the large fusion experiments AUG and W7-X at IPP.

The MPCDF provides data services including mass storage for the MPS for more than 40 years. The sources of the data are large-scale experiments from institutes such as the IPP (AUG, W7-X), the MPI for Physics (MAGIC, and CERN Tier-2 center for ATLAS), and the MPI for extraterrestrial Physics with ESA and NASA (PanSTARSS), as well as simulation data from the high-performance computers e.g. from the MPI for Astrophysics, and data archives from humanities institutions such as the Bibliotheca Hertziana, or the MPI for Psycholinguistics. The responsibilities of the MPCDF range from the bit-stream data storage over metadata handling in file-systems and databases, including access control to data for post-processing and web-interfaces for data, to the project-oriented support and consulting for all data related concerns.

The MPCDF is engaged in various national and international projects related to all these topics, together with various MPIs (DEISA, PRACE, EUDAT, ELPA, Tier-2 ATLAS, CLARIN-D, DARIAH-DE).

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