Bits & Bytes online Edition

January 2019

Bits & Bytes

Max Planck Computing & Data Facility (MPCDF)
Gießenbachstr. 2, D-85748 Garching bei München

A tour through Bits & Bytes, and the history of our computing centre, from the first edition in 1969 to this 200th anniversary edition.
1) Max Planck supercomputer Cobra extended by 64 GPU-accelerated nodes. 2) HPC cluster Hydra decommissioned after 5 years of operation. 3) Instructions how to use the hyperthreading feature on the Cobra cluster. 4) NEC SX-Aurora Development platform, open to application developers of the Max Planck Society.
At the MPCDF a new data-analytics team has been formed to provide support to scientists of the MPG with their projects to analyze data on the HPC systems of the MPCDF. In this article we present an overview of HPC optimized software which allows the user to run machine-learning projects on the HPC systems Draco and Cobra.
Profit from safe data storage, which may be seamlessly integrated into your research workflow.
Two new projects with MPCDF participation: 1) Enabling of Plasma Physics Simulation Codes towards Exascale, 2) Munich School for Data Science (MuDS).
1) Data stored in HPSS exceeds 100 PB threshold, 2) IAEA challenge award for IPP/MPCDF team.
Announcement of three upcoming events: 1) Course on 'Python for HPC', 2) RDA Deutschland Tagung 2019, 3) International HPC Summer School 2019.

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