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The MPCDF GitLab Service

Thomas Zastrow, Florian Kaiser

Figure 1: GitLab navigation bar

Since November this year the MPCDF offers a new Git-based version control service on the basis of the OpenSource software GitLab. GitLab offers a convenient web interface for managing and controlling software projects, similar to the popular GitHub service. However, the service is hosted entirely on-premise at the MPCDF, with the user in full control over projects and other information. Existing Git-based projects can be imported into GitLab.

An 'Activity tracker' summarizes recent activities on a project. Enhanced visualization and management functions are supporting common workflows of a version control system. Additionally, GitLab offers a built-in wiki as well as an issue tracker. An extensive user and group management enables team work and collaboration. Figure 1 shows the navigation bar of GitLab and the functionality it offers.

The GitLab service can be used by any MPCDF user. At the moment, however, only user accounts that have MPCDF's DataShare service enabled are allowed to log into GitLab. This is a temporary workaround until we have reworked our subscription service. Allowing external guest users is not yet enabled, but is planned for the near future. A Continuous Integration System will be added to the GitLab installation soon. For further information, please contact us (

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