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No virus-check on AFS-volumes

Andreas Schott

In the last time it sometimes happened that a virus made its way into the AFS home-directory of a user. This can happen on infected windows-machines, where the user has AFS mounted and a token for AFS. It is also possible to put viruses on other people's home directories, if public write access was granted. In this case no AFS token is required.

Although this is an unwanted situation, it is not possible to check the user-home-directories for viruses by the system. The users by themselves should scan with their anti-virus-software their AFS-home-directories regularly.

If the RZG gets knowledge of viruses in the AFS of a user, he/she will be contacted directly, informing about that fact and asking for instructions. Due to Datenschutz it is not possible for RZG to scan or even to remove viruses from the directories of a user.