Staff at Garching



Name Phone Email
Allande Alvarez, Cesar +49-89-3299-1462
Altbauer, Anton +49-89-3299-1452
Beck, Kathrin +49-89-3299-1233
Beckert, Dominik +49-89-3299-1019
Bludov, Vitalijus +49-89-3299-1950
Compostella, Michele +49-89-3299-1037
Dannert, Tilman +49-89-3299-1576
Desinger, Klaus +49-89-3299-2168
Di Bernardo, Giuseppe +49-89-3299-2420
Dohmen, Renate +49-89-3299-2235
Fabas, Nicolas +49-89-3299-2080
Falls Rodriguez, Claudia +49-89-3299-1766
Farzalipour Tabriz, Meisam 08932991311
Flierler, Christian +49-89-3299-2324
Guggenberger, Christian +49-89-3299-1306
Gutwirth, Christopher +49-89-3299-1079
Hanke, Christof +49-89-3299-1041
Heinzel, Stefan - 28.08.2018
Hinterland, Frank +49-89-3299-1573
Huedepohl, Lorenz +49-89-3299-1303
Huxley, Alexis +49-89-3299-2147
Kaiser, Florian +49-89-3299-2118
Karas, Daniel +49-89-3299-1615
Kaufhold, Julia +49-89-3299-1494
Kennedy, John Alan +49-89-3299-2694
Kus, Pavel +49-89-3299-1308
Kutepov, Johann +49-89-3299-1014
Lago, Rafael +49-89-3299-1904
Lederer, Hermann +49-89-3299-2699
Lehnberger, Karl +49-89-3299-2556
Marek, Andreas +49-89-3299-2005
Neu, Friederike +49-89-3299-2176
Ohlmann, Sebastian +49-89-3299-1144
Panea Doblado, Manuel +49-89-3299-1133
Paulus, Florian +49-89-3299-1152
Petrov, Mykola +49-89-3299-1569
Rampp, Markus +49-89-3299-1324
Reetz, Johannes +49-89-3299-2199
Reuter, Klaus +49-89-3299-1493
Ritz, Raphael +49-89-3299-2272
Rustler, Roland +49-89-3299-2266
Ryll, Wolfgang +49-89-3299-2050
Sanchez Bribian, Beatriz +49-89-3299-1039
Schmidt, Andreas +49-89-3299-1335
Schott, Andreas +49-89-3299-2180
Schuster, Josef +49-89-3299-1298
Standley, Brian +49-89-3299-2322
Stanisic, Luka +49-89-3299-2178
Weidl, Ingeborg +49-89-3299-2191
Zagner, Andreas +49-89-3299-2109
Zastrow, Thomas +49-89-3299-1457
Zerzour, Amazigh +49-89-3299-2002
Zilker, Klaus Adrian +49-89-3299-1520

External Employee

Name Phone Email
Delle Fratte, Cesare +49-89-3299-1157
Tafula, Sergio +49-89-3299-1542


Name Phone Email
Ganic, Ismar +49-89-3299-2062
Huber, Thomas +49-89-3299-1872
Mueller, Dominik +49-89-3299-1872
Pflueger, Martin +49-89-3299-2062

Staff Responsibilities

Acting Director of MPCDF

Deputy Acting Director of MPCDF

Secretary of MPCDF

General Operation and Data Services

HPC-Systems, Dedicated Systems of Institutes, System Software (Operating Systems, Libraries, Databases, AAA), Data Systems (AFS, Backup- and Archiveserver, HSM, Webservices), Network Services & Videoconference Services, Workstation Computer, Technical Infrastructure


Application Support

Application support for high performance computers; Project Consulting, Code Developments and Optimisations for Supercomputer Applications, Biophysics, Computational Biology, Visualization

Data Service Support

General and long-term storage solutions including back-up and archiving; Sync & Share Service (Storage Cloud); Annotation Services; Project Consulting


Windows, Hardware installation, Software distribution

Technical Infrastructure and Security

Technical Infrastructure

Help Desk


    Group Leader