Staff at Garching



Name Phone Email
Baum, Roland
Beck, Kathrin +49-89-3299-1233
Colnaghi, Timoteo +49-89-3299-2045
Compostella, Michele +49-89-3299-1037
Dannert, Tilman +49-89-3299-1576
Desinger, Klaus +49-89-3299-2168
Dohmen, Renate +49-89-3299-2235
Fabas, Nicolas +49-89-3299-2080
Falls Rodriguez, Claudia +49-89-3299-1766
Farzalipour Tabriz, Meisam +49-89-3299-1311
Ferreira Lago, Rafael +49-89-3299-1904
Geier, Maximiliano +49-89-3299-2340
Guggenberger, Christian +49-89-3299-1306
Gutwirth, Christopher +49-89-3299-1079
Hanke, Christof +49-89-3299-1041
Hein, Georg +49-89-3299-1485
Hinterland, Frank +49-89-3299-1573
Holod, Ihor +49-89-3299-2197
Huedepohl, Lorenz +49-89-3299-1303
Huxley, Alexis +49-89-3299-2147
Kaiser, Florian +49-89-3299-2118
Kehl, Sebastian +49-89-3299-2420
Kennedy, John Alan +49-89-3299-2694
Kutepov, Johann +49-89-3299-1014
Lalescu, Cristian Constantin +49-89-3299-1308
Laure, Erwin +49-89-3299-1340
Lederer, Hermann +49-89-3299-2699
Lehnberger, Karl +49-89-3299-2556
Lopez Cruz, Carlos +49-89-3299-2012
Marek, Andreas +49-89-3299-2005
Mittermayr, Mathias +49-89-3299-3026
Mueller, Dominik +49-89-3299-1494
Nalawade, Chirantar +49-89-3299-1462
Neu, Friederike +49-89-3299-2176
Ohlmann, Sebastian +49-89-3299-1144
Panea Doblado, Manuel +49-89-3299-1133
Paulus, Florian +49-89-3299-1152
Petrov, Mykola +49-89-3299-1569
Rampp, Markus +49-89-3299-1324
Reetz, Johannes +49-89-3299-2199
Reuter, Klaus +49-89-3299-1493
Ritz, Raphael +49-89-3299-2272
Rustler, Roland +49-89-3299-2266
Ryll, Wolfgang +49-89-3299-2050
Sanchez Bribian, Beatriz +49-89-3299-1039
Schmidt, Andreas +49-89-3299-1335
Schott, Andreas +49-89-3299-2180
Soltani, Soheil +49-89-3299-1871
Standley, Brian +49-89-3299-2322
Summer, Elena +49-89-3299-2227
Weberbauer, Frank
Zagner, Andreas +49-89-3299-2109
Zastrow, Thomas +49-89-3299-1457
Zepeck, Christina
Zerzour, Amazigh +49-89-3299-2002
Zilker, Klaus Adrian +49-89-3299-1520

External Employee

Name Phone Email
Delle Fratte, Cesare +49-89-3299-1157
Tafula, Sergio +49-89-3299-1542

Staff Responsibilities

Director of MPCDF

Deputy Director of MPCDF

Secretary of MPCDF

General Operation and Data Services

HPC-Systems, Dedicated Systems of Institutes, System Software (Operating Systems, Libraries, Databases, AAA), Data Systems (AFS, Backup- and Archiveserver, HSM, Webservices), Workstation Computer, Technical Infrastructure

Application Support

Application support for high performance computers; Project Consulting, Code Developments and Optimisations for Supercomputer Applications, Biophysics, Computational Biology, Visualization

Data Service Support

General and long-term storage solutions including back-up and archiving; Sync & Share Service (Storage Cloud); Annotation Services; Project Consulting

Infrastructure and IT Security

Electricity and cooling support, Monitoring, User Administration, AAI Services, Accounting

Technical Infrastructure
IT Infrastructure and Security

Help Desk

MPP Support

ATLAS, Belle, MAGIC and other projects

    Group Leader