New Max Planck supercomputer

Installation of the new Max Planck supercomputer has started at the MPCDF

The first part of the new Max Planck supercomputer Raven, delivered by Lenovo, is currently being installed at the MPCDF. This interim system will provide 514 compute nodes based on the Intel Xeon CascadeLake-AP processor with 96 cores per node and 384 GB of main memory per node. Early user operation is foreseen by early September 2020. The final system is scheduled for early 2021 and will be equipped with the latest Intel CPUs and a partition with Nvidia A100 GPUs. More details will be announced in the upcoming issue of the MPCDF computer bulletin Bits&Bytes.

See also the announcement "Max Planck Society Begins Installation of Liquid-Cooled Supercomputer from Lenovo"

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