Migration of the MPCDF subscription service

The MPCDF subscription service for guest user management, which allows access to Gitlab and Datashare, is being migrated to a new platform.

What's happening:

The MPCDF subscription service is moving to a new self-service platform. From today (1st Oct 2019) the invitation of guest users will be managed by this new service as well as guest access to the Datashare and Gitlab services.

Note: this change only impacts the access to the Datashare and Gitlab services; all data/code contained within these services will be retained.

What does this mean for you:

The impact on you as a user depends on the type of account you are using; an internal MPCDF account (with access to MPCDF systems such as HPC resources) or and invited external guest (with access only to Datashare and Gitlab).

MPCDF users:

Internal MPCDF users will still use their existing username/password.

Guest users:

Existing guest user accounts will continue to be valid. However, the username and password for the new system is not compatible with the existing subscription service.
This means that after the migration:

  1. You will need to use your new guest username to access the Datashare and Gitlab services: g-<username> which will have been communicated to you via email.
  2. You may need to reset your password, if you have not done so since you were contacted in the last weeks. To reset your password please visit the following link: https://selfservice.mpcdf.mpg.de

Note: Please do not forget to update your username and password on all devices (including any mobile clients) once you change it.

What if you experience problems:

MPCDF users:

We do not expect any impact for MPCDF users. However if you experience problems after the migration please contact support (see below)

Guest users:

If you are experiencing problems accessing the Datashare and Gitlab services

  1. Please ensure you are using your new g-<username> username (which will have been communicated to you in an email to your external mail address).
  2. Reset your password via the following link: https://selfservice.mpcdf.mpg.de
  3. Check your clients for hard coded URLs to the service. The change in username will bring about a change in the service URL in some cases. Third party clients may have problems with this (for instance if you have a WebDav client with hard coded URLs to your datashare account).

If you have any questions please contact us via the MPCDF helpdesk (https://helpdesk.mpcdf.mpg.de ) or mail support@mpcdf.mpg.de

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