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Nov 12, 2019 12:30 PM to
Nov 14, 2019 05:00 PM



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Advanced HPC Workshop, November 2019, MPCDF, Garching



This workshop addresses PhD students and PostDocs which started to work on the MPCDF's High Performance Computing Resources and want to learn some of the debugging and profiling tools in more detail. It is not a basic introduction to the usage of the systems. The workshop consists of lectures and hands-on sessions to deepen the learned topics.
Some of the topics that are to be taught:
  • Parallel debugging strategies
  • Serial and parallel profiling with tools ranging from simple timing up to Intel Vtune, MPI Trace Analyzer and Scalasca
  • Tuning for actual hardware
  • Guidelines for porting codes to GPU


The course will take place on November 12 - 14 in the lecture hall (building D2), at the MPCDF, 85748 Garching.

Target Audience

  • Computational scientists who run HPC codes on MPCDF's compute resources
  • PhD students and PostDocs who have basic knowledge of how to access the systems and build and run codes there but want to get a deeper insight in debugging and profiling of HPC codes


Registration is closed.


  • Application support group of MPCDF
  • Intel engineers

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