Bits & Bytes  No. 211, December 2022

December 09, 2022

A new issue of the MPCDF computer bulletin Bits&Bytes was released. Read about high-performance computing software news, using Docker containers in the MPCDF GitLab CI environment, GO-Nexus, an enhanced data transfer and sharing service for MPCDF’s Nexus-Posix storage system,  and more news, e.g.  about MPCDF training events.

The  December issue (No. 211) of the MPCDF computer bulletin Bits&Bytes has been published with the following topics:

  • High-performance Computing

    • Anaconda Python modules
    • Hints for architecture-specific and optimized CUDA compilation
    • New Intel C/C++ compilers and associated MPCDF software stack
    • Turbomole license for MPG renewed
    • Apptainer on the HPC clusters, the Linux Foundation successor to Singularity
  • GitLab Tips & Tricks: Use of Docker Images in GitLab CI

  • GO-Nexus

  • News & Events

    • Discontinuation of General VPN
    • Meet MPCDF
    • Python for HPC
    • Advanced HPC Workshop
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