Bits & Bytes  No. 208, December 2021

December 15, 2021

A new issue of the MPCDF computer bulletin Bits&Bytes was released. Read about various tips and tricks for using the high-performance computing systems Raven and Cobra, new releases of the ELPA eigensolver library, binding Python to C++, software publishing, enhancing security by using application (device) tokens instead of passwords, as well as a review of the 60-years anniversary of RZG/MPCDF,  and MPCDF training events.

The December issue (No. 208) of the MPCDF computer bulletin Bits&Bytes has been published with the following topics:

  • High-performance Computing
    • Termination of general user operation for Draco login nodes

    • Announcement of CUDA no-defaults on Cobra and Raven

    • Usage of /tmp and /dev/shm on Cobra and Raven

    • Eigensolver Library ELPA

    • Using Python-based hybrid-parallel codes on HPC systems

  • Python bindings for C++ using pybind11 and scikit-build

  • The Gitlab Package Registry

  • Using Application Tokens instead of Passwords

  • Software Publishing

  • News & Events

    • International HPC Summer School 2022

    • Advanced HPC Workshop 2021

    • 60 years Max Planck Computing Centre in Garching

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