MPG supercomputer Raven enters Top500 list

June 29, 2021
The newly deployed supercomputer of the MPG, Raven, was ranked in the June 2021 edition of the biannual Top500 and Green500 lists of fastest and most energy-efficient supercomputers.

The new supercomputer of the Max Planck Society, Raven which was delivered by Lenovo and deployed at the MPCDF during the last few weeks enters the most recent June 2021 edition of the Top500 list of fastest supercomputers with a measured HPL (high-performance linpack) benchmark performance of  8620 TFlop/s (rank 47) for the GPU-accelerated part, and 5416 TFlop/s (rank 79) for the CPU-only part.

On the HPL benchmark , the GPU-accelerated part of Raven with 768 Nvidia A100 GPUs achieves a power efficiency of 22.9 GFlop/s/Watt which puts it on rank 12 of the Green500 ranking of the most energy-efficient supercomputers.

Together with Cobra  (rank 77, 5613 TFlop/s) and its (unranked) GPU-partition researchers of the Max-Planck-Society have  an aggregate performance of about 22 PFlop/s at their disposal, which is roughly the equivalent of a Top 15 supercomputer.


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