Bits & Bytes  No. 206, April 2021

April 19, 2021

A new issue of the MPCDF computer bulletin Bits&Bytes was released. Read about high-performance computing and data analytics, containers, and news about MPCDF services and events.

The April issue (No. 206) of the MPCDF computer bulletin Bits&Bytes has been published with the following topics:

  • High-performance Computing

    • HPC System Raven: deployment of the final system

    • Charliecloud and Singularity containers supported on Cobra and Raven

    • Control and verification of the CPU affinity of processes and threads

  • High-performance data analytics and AI software stack at MPCDF

  • Decommissioning of AFS

  • Relaunch of MPCDF website and new technical documentation platform

  • Events

    • New online introductory course for new users of MPCDF

    • Advanced HPC workshop: save the date

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